"If there's one thing I really know about its how to choose, wear, style and care for wigs. How to use make up to address disappeared brows and lashes and above all, what it feels like to be a woman without her own hair.

Although wig shopping has improved since the days of department stores with untrained sales staff, I've never found anywhere that really offers the service I want, or more importantly, the service I needed when first faced with hair loss. Women shouldn't have to face losing their self-esteem as well. That's why I set up Esteem." Audrey Ball, Esteem Founder

Esteem is a unique wig and hair loss consultancy, designed to help you manage your hair loss. Esteem provides support and advice on all hair loss treatments and offers a comprehansive range of hair replacement, image and wellbeing services for all causes of hair loss.

Founded by Audrey Ball, who has lived with alopecia for 30 years, can offer an unrivalled level of understanding and expertise to those affected by cancer hair loss, alopecia or general hair thinning - from practical guidance on choosing a wig or other hair replacement options for all causes of hair loss. Together with her team, she can also advise on a range of skin, make up and wellbeing services, to help you feel better able to adjust to losing your hair.

From first symptoms or diagnosis, our team of registered practitioners offer practical personalised solutions, designed to compliment any medical, or non-medical treatment plans.

Simply pick and chose the services you need, from a simple wig consultation to a comprehensive personal image and wellbeing plan.

We offer services to women, men and children, delivered in privacy and comfort in our central London studio, or in your home.

Please get in touch to book a consultation or to find out more about the services we offer