It was as if someone had erased me and replaced me with a blank canvas. My identity had gone, and it was more than a year before I began to relocate myself again.” Audrey Ball Founder of Esteem 

My condition is alopecia universalis, a medical condition involving rapid hair loss of all hair including eyebrows and eye lashes.

I was 5 years old when it started, and 17 when the hair on my head and body fell away completely, never to return. It was a devastating thing to happen to a young girl and for a while I lost all real sense of myself. I would look in the mirror and feel that there was nothing there to define me.

That was 30 years ago, and I have long since accepted my alopecia. I have a happy and successful life, married with two children and with a fulfilling career, and I can say with confidence that my hair loss has made me a stronger person, rather than holding me back.

Wigs have played an important part in my journey, both putting them on and taking them off.

Although I embraced full-time wig wearing when I was 19, it took another five years before I was first able to be open with a boyfriend about wearing a wig (we’d been going out for a year, and despite my silence, he already knew). It was longer still before I let a partner see me without my hair. 

I have day wigs and night wigs, glam wigs and ordinary wigs and have changed styles over the years to suit fashion and circumstances.

So If there’s one thing I really know about, it’s how to choose, wear, style and care for wigs, how to use make up to address disappeared brows and lashes and above all, what it feels like to be a woman without her own hair.

I’ve had to learn all this though trial and error.  Although wig shopping has improved since the days of department stores with untrained sales staff and dodgy changing rooms, I’ve never found anywhere that really offers the service I want – and that I absolutely needed when first faced with hair loss. That’s why I set up Esteem.

My aim is to combine a fantastic selection of wigs, with proper understanding and advice on all aspects of choosing and wearing a wig.

Esteem is the place where there is no question you can’t ask, no thought you need keep to yourself  – and above all someone who really knows how to support and guide you through the myriad of choices when faced with hair loss.

Please get in touch to book a consultation or to find out how Esteem can help you.