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  • Fusion Integration is a new and innovative method of hair replacement for those that suffer from female pattern baldness, diffuse hair loss, and frontal fribrosing. Esteem has designed a simple, effective and truly innovative method and application to offer coverage and add volume into thinning hair, creating a natural fullness to your hair that works both in look and density. Fusion Intregration offers:

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    Is your system as secure as it should be, do you feel in anyway nervous about how it is sitting? If the answer is yes, possibly, or maybe, then perhaps its’ not the right size, or it's loose through wear and tear. Drying your system on a block, can sometimes over stretch the system, if not fitted loosely.

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    Raising awareness for Alopecia UK - find useful facts for all types of hair loss, Do's and Don'ts and best kept secrets and invaluable tips and advice to get the best out of any hair replacement system. Enjoy and be beautiful and more secrets on their way.

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    Esteem supports Wig Wednesday, supported by leading UK charity CLIC Sargent - cancer charity for children and young people and their families. Help by donating today using the link below or have fun on the day and fundraise whilst wearing all types of fun wigs. Donate to Wig Wednesday

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    It’s my biggest challenge for a long time, with a huge personal target of £1K and even bigger team target of £10K.  Charities like Alopecia UK are so important to the lives of those with alopecia, the condition is a challenging one for children and adults and Alopecia UK can make a difference. Please help us reach our fundraising target. Donate now to Just Giving Esteem Wigs

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    I visited Daniel Regan’s recent photographic exhibition called The Alopecia Project on Friday, at the Free Space Gallery, in Kentish Town It was beautiful and inspirational, set in a quiet space with the sound of flowing water, I sat looking at the glory of hair loss from every angle.  There is beauty in all, even if it doesn’t conform to typical stereotypes. Regan has captured the spectrum of the alopecia journey, with some really poignant pieces tracking all stages of the condition. All the images are strong, but one or two sent me on an emotional high, as I remembered the most difficult phases of that journey

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