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    Watch The Graham Norton Show tonight and catch Naomi Campbell sitting pretty with a new afro wig. Equally, she could look amazing, going au naturel. Go on raise awareness Naomi for those with hair loss of any kind! Naomi Campbell in Afro Wig

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    Did you know that Mona Lisa has no clearly visible eyebrows or eyelashes, some have said they have faded over time, others believe that genteel women of the time plucked them; or did Leonardo purposely leave them out? Putting your opinion aside, Mona Lisa is one of the world's most famous paintings. The atmospheric painting of a sensuous, enigmatic woman bestowing calm beauty and harmony is irresistible to many. I find this a most illuminating and comforting fact, and one that reinforces yet again, that beauty can be defined in many ways. Take heart. 

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    Esteem Hair Loss Consultancy is pleased to announce it’s support of The Little Princess Trust in 2014, a charity which provides real-hair wigs, free of charge, to boys and girls throughout the UK and Ireland that have sadly lost their own hair through cancer treatment or other illnesses including alopecia. TLPT has now extended the provision of a single wig for children living with alopecia. Esteem a London based hair loss consultancy recognises the importance and value of the charity and aims to support fundraise in the year ahead. Little Princess Trust

  • I certainly raised a “drawn on eyebrow” to Rhod Gilbert comments on The Matt Lucas Christmas Awards last night. For those who have to draw them on it was wee bit twitchy but it possibly wasn’t quite as bad as when Rhod finally realised the gaff, as he faced Matt with the condition alopecia. The skill of eyebrow positioning, painting is important, don’t follow the fads as Rhod said, follow the brow line. The Matt Lucas Christmas Awards

  • I came across this poignant piece of filming yesterday called “If only for a second” created by the MIMI Foundation (Support & Wellbeing Centre) and it made me cry and smile at the same time, and from it I remember the importance of humour when coping and dealing with illnesses, some terminal and some not and hair loss conditions that radically change our external appearance and perception of ourselves. It’s a moving piece, which is highly imaginative, fun and reminds us of the precious time we have and how we should use it. A great creative piece of work.If Only for A Second

  • Sony files patent for SmartWig… whatever next! I am all for a new wig craze but will the SmartWig bring any benefits to fellow wig wearers - publicity is good, raising awareness is good, but will the high tech mockery for this gimmick help reap the benefits– let’s debate?

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