September Hair Loss Secrets

Raising awareness for Alopecia UK - find useful facts for all types of hair loss, Do's and Don'ts and best kept secrets and invaluable tips and advice to get the best out of any hair replacement system. Enjoy and be beautiful and more secrets on their way.


If you suffer from hair loss, particularly around the frontal hairline it can be a huge challenge to get a system to work for you and provide a completely natural finish with invisible hairline and temples. There are two things that I can’t stress enough:

  1. Getting a quality system with hair that works for you and your lifestyle, finished with an amazing style.
  2. This is the big one – positioning your system properly. I have seen many clients, and the general public wearing systems that sit too far forward, or back and it’s a dead give away.

 Secret Unlocked

 So here’s how to overcome this faux pas and avoid double takes:

  • If you have some hair on the hairline then you use that as your guide.
  • If you have no hairline then the most accurate way of establishing the hairline is to look at yourself in a mirror, have an eyeliner pen to hand, and look into the mirror whilst lifting your eyes to the ceiling. You are looking at the point where your facial skin meets your cranial skin. Mark it with a dot or a few dots and there you have it.
  • To check it, you can use the usual 4-finger method. Look into the mirror, take the four finger digits, as if saluting, and sit the finger next to the thumb onto your brow, then lie the hand flat against the forehead. The little finger should sit on the hairline.