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We are pleased to share with you some of the things our customers say about Esteem's services, and how they felt about their own experience first hand. We hope they will be useful to you and offer an insight to how we go about doing our day to day job and how passionate the team feel about delivering top class services, great products and expert advice. If you have any questions or queries then call us for a chat on 020 3397 6634.


Michelle, 37 yrs, Trichotillomania October 2015

I first experienced hair loss when I was roughly aged 12.  I suffer with Trichotillomania and pulled my hair out for about 18 years to such an extent I had to wear hairpieces.  Many years went by where I was spending thousands of pounds on hair systems that were covering my hair loss but causing irreversible damage.  I wore a system provided by a big name in the UK hair replacement market. I would go back every 6 weeks to have the most painful realignments done that I would have to take pain killers.  I was sat amongst girls who had no hair issues while they had luscious extensions fitted I was sat next to them with only half of my hair remaining.  The humiliation and pain factor didn’t seem to be an issue for the provider and I kept returning, every six weeks, as I simply thought they were the best out there for my condition.  Trichotillomania isn’t spoken about openly, only my close family members know I have it, I have hidden it from friends and partners my entire life.

When I fell pregnant I knew I had to do something about my hair.  By this stage I had stopped pulling but the stress of wearing hair systems for so many years had ruined my hair, I had now developed traction alopecia and my hairline was non-existent.  Every time I went for a re-alignment my hair loss was increasing.  I decided to have a hair transplant in 2015 and for the best results I needed to shave my entire head.  Ironically, despite pulling out half of my hair I was extremely attached to the rest of it – the thought of shaving my head and having go to through a transplant was so scary.  I couldn’t find a hairdresser who dealt with hair loss that was discrete enough to make me feel comfortable, or someone who knew how I felt, someone who had experience with hair loss.  By sheer luck I found Esteem 3 weeks before my transplant, I met Audrey and within 5 minutes of meeting her I wished our paths had crossed years ago.  Audrey instantly put me at ease, completely discrete, no open plan salon with people staring.  I cannot even tell you the relief I felt!  We discussed what I needed to happen and I left it with her.  3 weeks later she delivered everything she has promised and more.  Her stylist shaved my head and Audrey had sourced the most amazing full wig for me at a fraction of what my previous systems had cost.  Esteem made me feel great about myself and restored my confidence, I had no pain for the first time in years!

My transplant was a success and my hair is growing, I plan on having a further transplant and micro-pigmentation with Esteem to hopefully complete my hair loss journey.  After my awful experiences with other big hair replacement providers I wouldn’t work with anyone other than Audrey and Esteem.


Katie, 23 yrs, Dorset, Trichotillomania, August 2015

Before coming to Esteem, I had never spoken to anyone outside my family about my hair. So coming to Esteem was a new experience for me! However when I met Audrey, any fear I had, disappeared, I was made to feel so welcomed and not judged. I had never met a person who could be so empathetic and understanding. I loved how Audrey and Esteem were so different; suggesting the correct route to go down, as well as exploring different methods of treatment too including Esteem’s hair integration system. 

Shortly after meeting Audrey, things where quickly put into place! Audrey and the team at Esteem are absolutely amazing. They have managed to help me in a way I never thought possible!  Audrey was there for me throughout the whole process. With her and her team’s fantastic knowledge, they were able to help create a fantastic piece for me. It was better than I had envisioned or hoped for. Thanks to them, I am now starting to feel more like my old self and taking the first steps towards a new normal. I am so grateful for everything they have done.



Irene, 35 yrs, Surrey, Cancer Journey, July 2015

Audrey from Esteem has been a wonderful addition to my cancer experience. She has been compassionate and had an eagerness to help in all areas, from skincare, make up, right through to wigs and scarves, and has shared a wealth of information and knowledge with me to get to the right solution. I could not have wished for a more pleasant person to help me go through this bad chapter in my life. Audrey has always been available in time of need and even visited me at home when I could not get out. I now have a gorgeous natural looking system that I wear and love. I have only experienced extremely professional service from Esteem with attention to detail at the heart of it and Audrey at the same time has been a delight to spend time with, I would recommend her to anyone, time and time again.


Kate, 50 yrs, Buckinghamshire, Telogen Effluvium, June 2015

I am pleased to recommend the service provided by Esteem. It’s friendly and personal – and the team listen carefully to your questions and needs. I started losing my hair quite suddenly and it’s been such a worry. So I was just so relieved when I met Audrey and her colleagues. I instantly felt that Audrey was someone I could feel at home with -  and then I found the team too - were so warm and assured and helped to make sure I didn’t feel too self-conscious or worried.

We discussed everything together – the process and what to expect - and I was given a quote too. These things helped me think through and gather courage for the next steps. And then when I finally went ahead and decided to have Esteem’s Fusion Hair integration system - it took a lot of courage – but I felt I could have confidence in Esteem. And the reality was that the actual process turned out to be really enjoyable – thanks to the Esteem team and I was absolutely delighted with the result. No one noticed – I just got lots of compliments to say that my hair looked great. The best thing was, I felt much more my old self and .... far more confident than I had felt for months

If you are unlucky enough to suffer hair loss then at first you have no idea what to do and where to go and bit-by-bit you uncover an underworld of services. Amidst all these I know I have been very fortunate to find Esteem  - a complete relief.


Reham, 32yrs, Saudi Arabia, Alopecia Totalis, February 2015

Audrey, thank you for being so helpful, supportive and friendly. Also thank you for making me feel so welcome and comfortable in the studio. I really enjoyed the whole experience and feel much more confident and stylish".



Fiona, 55 yrs, Surrey, Alopecia Totalis, November 2014

"My first experience of alopecia was in my late thirties.  It probably lasted for about two years; small circular patches would appear followed by fairly rapid hair regrowth.  Now, in my mid-fifties I am dealing with a second bout of alopecia, this time the hair loss has been extensive and two years on I’m not seeing any signs of regrowth.

Normally I would describe myself as a really positive, self-confident, professional business woman but this condition has had an enormous effect on my self-esteem and at times it has taken all my willpower just to leave the house in the morning.

I knew I couldn’t control the condition but I needed to get on top of this situation; that’s when I came across Esteem on the Alopecia UK website.  I met Audrey at her consulting rooms one evening after work; she’s very charming and instantly put me at ease.  It’s enormously helpful to discuss this condition and the options for dealing with it from someone who has first-hand experience.

A couple of days later I returned for a wig fitting, Audrey and Kelly were so lovely, they didn’t rush me in the slightest, we discussed all the options and once I’d found a wig that I thought suited me, Kelly styled it.  Audrey even showed me how to pencil in my eyebrows.

I still have alopecia and have to deal with that each day, but I can honestly say that I feel like my old self again.

I cannot recommend their very professional and friendly service highly enough. Many thanks Audrey and Kelly"



Karishma, 30 yrs, London, Chronic Telogen Effluvium, September 2014

The service provided by Esteem has been brilliant from the beginning. I started losing hair rapidly in April 2014 and was diagnosed with alopecia areata in May 2014. I had a large patch of hair loss at the back of my head and due to this I was unable to leave my hair down. This affected my confidence and I would avoid going out to social events. I decided to seek advice on hair replacement products and contacted Esteem Wigs. I had several consultations with Audrey and Kelly before I made my choice. They were both very helpful and I did not feel pressurised to make a choice at any point. I decided to buy an hair system that provided coverage and volume. Since I bought the hair piece my confidence has returned and I am able to leave my hair out and no longer avoid social situations. Thank you to both Audrey and Kelly for their lovely and friendly service. 



 Katherine, 30 yrs, London, Alopecia Universalis, April 2014

 “I came across Esteem on the Alopecia UK supplier directory and I made contact with Audrey straightaway after reading some very useful information and personal testimonies on their website. I have had alopecia for 18 years and only a few years ago my condition got worse and I had to start wearing full head wigs full time. I must admit I dread going to wig consultants for consultation as you never know what to expect the first time round due to the sensitivities, emotion and lack of self confidence sufferers experience. It is frequently a process of trial and error until you find someone who fully understands your journey of hair loss. Usually you tend to stick with them because you feel confident you can rely on them through their discretion and professionalism.” 

 “I have never had such a positive experience from a consultation until my first visit to Esteem few weeks ago. Audrey and Kelly were both so friendly and welcoming which made me feel immediately at ease. During the private consultation I immediately felt grateful that I had finally found a supplier that understand the needs (both emotionally and physically) of a hair loss sufferer. I very much appreciated them both for their patience and care to ensure my requirements were attended before the work started on my new hair system. Kelly has also repaired my existing wig and made it look more amazing than it was before. They took the attention to the smallest details and exceeded my expectations; this I believe was a benefit from being looked after from someone who is also a sufferer - taking everything into consideration to ensure comfort and fit. All the value added service i.e. late consultation, payment scheme etc. has made the experience so much simpler and stress free. I really look forward to a continuous relationship with Esteem in the future as this has been most friendly and enjoyable experience.”

 Thank you once again Audrey and Kelly. 


Geraldine, 65 yrs, Berkshire, Cancer Journey, January 2014

“Audrey Ball and her team offered a first class service. Professional, friendly and, most importantly, personalised to my needs at every level. Having never worn a wig before, and about to start a course of chemotherapy, it was so important to feel at ease, ready and willing to try out hair systems and learn all about the practical advice on their full range of hair systems. The consultation left me feeling great, well prepared and confident that I’d found the right solution for me.”