I have breast cancer and I am currently having chemo treatment. I am one of those women with thinning hair anyway, but despite using the cold cap my hair is already falling out. My confidence is really not great and I'm not sure I can go around with a bald head for a few months. The hair on my body is thinning too, it all feels very weird but I am talking to the charity Breast Cancer Care who are really helpful and planning to look into a full wig to help me through this stage. Watch this space !!

Helen, Ledbury

A Helen, it's great that your'e involved with Breast Cancer Care, they have lots information and support on how to cope with hair loss. They will make recommendations on more local wig/hair loss consultants who can advice on the best solution for you. 

 Q I am 37 and recently noticed that I am losing hair at the nape of my neck. It seems in just a few weeks it is big enough to be noticeable. The patch feels smooth. My hair does cover it but I am feeling very anxious about it and concerned that it might appear on other parts of my scalp. 

Alex, Edinburgh

A First of all book an appointment to see your GP and ask for a diagnosis or a referral to a dermatologist. A referral can take a month or so. Meanwhile, you may consider visiting a reputable trichologist. After tests they will be able to diagnose and recommend non-medical treatment. It might also be useful to visit a nutritional therapist to get advice on your diet and a plan around supplements such as natural amino acids. Treat your hair with care when washing. Once you have been diagnosed then you are in a position to talk through options, support and treatment.

Q I am female, aged 19 and over the last 6 months I have lost most of my hair as a result of alopecia. As you can imagine, its been a terrible shock and I have taken to hiding from the world and avoiding friends and feeling very depressed. 

Sue, Chester

A I do understand, I know how that feels as I have gone through that condition at a very similar age. It is a difficult time to re-adjust to how you look today, and to consider what things will be like in the future. There is a way though, I have lived with alopecia for over 25 years and it did take me some time to come to terms with the hair loss. There are no magic fixes but Esteem can help you short cut that process and help you achieve a natural look you feel happy with. 

Q It’s a minefield out there, where can I get help to cope with my thinning hair. I have no idea where to start looking to help me with the physical side or what treatments are available?

Margaret, West London

A Firstly its important to get your condition diagnosed. This type of thinning could be FPHL (female pattern hair loss)it depends where your hair thinning is, whether it is around the hair line or a general loss of volume known as diffuse hair loss.

Understanding the reasons for each of the options will dictate a medical and non-medical treatment plan. Esteem is able to offer you hair system options to volumise your hair and we can also help to support any anxieties you may have in dealing with the condition. We also have in-house practitioners to provide emotional support through counselling or psychotherapy. 

Q I just need some help to make me look natural and normal again.

Adele, Cardiff

A You don’t have to look unnatural when wearing any hair system. Getting the support and expertise to make, fit and style a hair system is key. Hair technology has not moved on very much over the last 10 years, so getting fitted for the right hair system is as important as any other form of treatment, alongside, skin and make up support and combining that with a service to help you come to terms with the changes happening in your life.