Step 3 - Living Your Life

Esteem will help you to combine any medical or non-medical treatment plan for hair loss with a practical approach to your personal circumstances.

We can help you bring together the right products and services, tailored to your lifestyle choices.

We can help you choose the right wig or hair system and support you with a skin analysis and make up.

We know it’s important to support the hair loss condition, but if the symptoms of hair loss present problems then our wellbeing services can address both the practical challenges and the emotional upset of losing your hair.

For those who wish to look beyond these services, we also have a style solution to help you improve your colour matches and revitalise your wardrobe.

Click here to browse through the services Esteem offer to find out more. Our experts are on hand to talk you through and recommend services - from a wig consultaton to a comprehensive personal image and wellbeing plan. We look forward to meeting you. Book a consultation today.*

* Our £45 consultation fee is redeemable against any Esteem products and services.