Hair Maintenance

Whatever type of hair loss you are facing, Esteem will be there to depend on for as long as you need us.

Like natural hair, wigs need maintenance, especially those made from human hair.

Anyone using a human hair system, whether a wig, volumiser or hair integration system, should anticipate 6-10 maintenance sessions a year; for deep conditioning, adding new hair, restyling and perhaps recolouring. You should factor these maintenance visits into the cost of your wig. A properly maintained human hair wig can last for 6-10 months, ensuring you need never have a ‘bad hair day’.

Fibre wigs have a shorter lifespan, typically 8-10 weeks (for a daily wearer), and therefore require no on-going maintenance once the wig is cut and styled to your liking. The fibre systems will be cut and styled on your initial visit and thereafter you can take advantage of Esteem’s unique measuring services and have a replacement wig or hair system cut and styled to your specification, delivered within 48 hours. 

Type Detail Cost Notes
Maintenance Visits 1hr-1.5hrs £60-£120 Anticipate between 6-10 per year
Accessories Type Detail Cost
Fibre System Shampoo   £6.89
Fibre System Softening Conditioner   £6.89
Fibre System Soft n Sheen   £6.89
Human Hair Shampoo   £10.99
Human Hair Softening Conditioner   £10.99
Human Hair Soft n Sheen   £10.99
  Hair Tape 5 m £4.99
  Hair Tape 25m £19.99
  Wig Cap   £3.50
  Wig Brush   £5.99
  Poly Block   £6.00